It seems the fire has been rekindled after impressive away results for Manchester United particularly the recent win in the Carabao cup against Chelsea,and that was the spirit they took to the vitality but it took just a strike from James Prowse to push them down to 10th on the table

It was a game that left holes in the heart of Barcelona supporters although they still top the standings but are tied on points with second place Real Madrid who also failed to take advantage of Barcelona’s defeat,they also shared a point with next door neighbors Real Betis,but loosing 3-1 to Levante with the likes of Messi,Grizeman and Suarez on the pitch is unacceptable

PSG’s loss to a Djion that has managed just 9points in 11games leaves a sour taste in the mouth of the French giants but Djion are the happiest after that famous win which might probably not happen again in a decade.

Bayern Munich 5-1 loss to Frankfurt was the shocking result of the weekend,whoever saw this coming must have a priceless crystal ball. Well if this is the kind of performance Bayern intends putting up this season then we should expect a new champion in the Bundesliga at the end of the season,the club however have decided to part ways with  Manager Niko Kovac he certainly has to be the sacrificial lamb


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