Manchester United, the club of great men and great fans. The achievements and titles won by this club have set it among one of the greatest football clubs in England and probably in Europe and the world. The feat accomplished by Sir Alex Ferguson in this club during his 26 years coaching career in the club has also helped to promote the club and English football as well.

The magical and sensational football Manchester United was known for looks as it has departed them and they now have little or no experienced player in the team. The little number of experienced players in the team has made progress seem like a dream that will never come true. Ole has made huge signings like Wan-Bissaka, Harry Maguire and James but they haven’t contributed much to the success of the team.

The Manchester United of those days filled with superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs, John Scholes, Robbie Van Persie etc now comprises young players like Greenwood, Williams, Rashford, Lingard, Gomez but to mention a few. The fans are devastated and sad about the looming downfall that is about to fall on the club.

What is the main reason for the downfall of Manchester United FC

1. Lack of decent defensive line

Alex Ferguson once quoted, “Attack wins you matches, but defense wins you titles.”

I think Manchester United have not been taking lessons from their own stalwart. The United back four right now is one of the worst the club has seen in the past decade or so, maybe in the history of the club.

United have seen Vidic and Ferdinand winning titles for them with their consistent and full of heart performances, so a poor defense might be really pinching the club’s fans to the gut.

Though Victor Lindelof has been great compared to the other options past season, he is definitely not a born leader on the pitch like maybe Vidic was. Smalling and Jones are good defenders but not at the level that they need to be if they are playing for a club of Manchester United’s level. And Luke Shaw’s career has been ridden with injuries.

It’s obvious to see that Liverpool signing van Dijk has converted them from a title challenger to a worthy title winner and maybe one of the best teams in Europe. United probably need two van Dijks right now. THOUGH MAGUIRE AND WAN BISSAKA WILL BE BENEFICIAL THIS SEASON.


United have been playing more using their passion on the pitch, instead of a proper game plan.

Solskjaer’s press conferences have been majorly been about how he is trying to motivate the players and making them realise that they are playing for Manchester United. But pragmatically, that is not a thing which can help you win a lot of matches in a row, or possibly the title.

When a club of United’s stature is concerned, the players have been trained under probably the world’s best manager for almost two decades, so going from that to the current manager who was a panic buy for the club, is possibly leading to the club’s downfall.

It’s obvious you cannot compare Solskjaer to Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp or even Maurizio Sarri, because these men have won loads of matches between them not due to the heart they put in the team, but because of tactics and strategies.

It is high time United appoint a proper manager who knows how to win in every position on the pitch

3. Over reliance on midfield due to weak attack

Let’s just say, Alexis Sanchez’s United career never took off.

Rashford has been a revelation this season for United, and there is no doubt the English youngster has a bright future, but he is definitely not ready yet to take the reins in his hands and pull United alone. He is not the very explosive striker like Salah is, or how Diego Costa was, or how Aguero has been.

Rashford’s lackluster performance not being enough, the pressure is being redirected to the United midfield who have big names but certainly their job is not to score goals, but to conduct the team’s build up play in the right manner.

Pogba can score a few, but Fred, Matic or McTominay have no proven characteristics of midfielders who are goal-scorers too.

United definitely need a striker before transfer window close, who can score 10-15 plus goals, so that the midfield can do what they are best at.DANIEL JAMES IS PROVING OUT TO BE BENEFICIAL TOO.

As for me, I think Ole needs to be sacked and a new coach signed because he (Ole) has lost the mojo with which he reinstated the superiority of the club in the 2nd part of last season after Mourinho was sacked. Ole is inexperienced and a novice in coaching, an experienced coach who is going to follow in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson is what Manchester United needs to rise to the top.


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