“I’m the perfect man for the job”- Wider talks up holding heavyweight unification belts


Deontay Wilder continued to live by the mantra that his opponents need to be perfect for 12 rounds. This is exactly what happened when Wilder dug himself out of a deep hole and knocked out Luis Ortiz with a right hand that earned him a seventh-round knockout to retain the WBC heavyweight title and keep the plans in place for a 2020 rematch with Tyson Fury.

Speaking after his victory; Wilder made it known to press;
“With Ortiz, you can see why no other heavyweight wants to fight him,” Wilder says in an in-ring interview. “He’s very crafty in the ring, he moves strategically, and his intellect is very high. I had to measure him. My intellect is very high in the ring, although I don’t get no credit for it. Ortiz is one of the best in the world, you got to give him that. That’s why I gave him the second opportunity.”

Deontey Wilder hits Luiz Ortiz with a right hand jab in the seventh round of the their rematch

For just over six rounds, however, Ortiz was as close to perfect against Wilder as he could be in a return bout of after a thrilling 2018 affair. Wilder won that fight in the 10th round after surviving been knocked down in the seventh round, in which he was in the most trouble he had ever been in.

Luiz Ortiz gets knock down in the seventh round by wilder

But during the rematch, Ortiz used excellent footwork and routinely connected with a left to the body and a left hook while not allowing Wilder to land anything of significance.

The champion then confirmed his next fight, which will be a rematch with Tyson Fury, which has been scheduled for 23 February, 2020.

“Of course we have Tyson Fury next,” he says. “It’s set to be done in February, so we’ll see how that goes. Then after that, I’m looking for a unification. I want one champion, one face, one name, and he goes by the name of Deontay Wilder. The heavyweight division is too small to have all these titles floating around. It’s too confusing for the fans. I think I’m the perfect man for the job.”


Time definitely tell if the American gets his wish granted.


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